Queens at Selborne

The project at the  Queens at Selborne is to convert the old pub and its barn to form a high quality proposal for 5no. 2 bedroom apartments and a 3no. bedroom barn conversion. Due to its location on the High Street of Selborne, the proposal needed to be in keeping with the local area and allow for the history of the old pub to be seen. The original part of Queens will been retained but existing poor quality elements on the ground floor are proposed to be replaced with smaller additions constructed from materials that link to the main building but with contemporary feel to distinguish them.

The 5no. apartments are formed within the Queens and all have been designed to have their own outside space in the form of gardens or terraces. They also conform to the Lifetime Homes initiative with all, apart from 1, being duplex apartments. To the rear of The Queens a large open communal space as been created, with provisions of 2 parking space for each apartment. The barn conversion makes use of an existing barn on the site and has been extended to the rear to form an open plan living space and allow for 3 bedrooms to be provided at first floor. In order to preserve the street elevation of the barn, the new extension is dug into the ground and is attached to the existing barn via a glass and metal clad link which helps to differentiate the new from the old. 


CLIENT: Derek Warwick Developments