Planning Submission - West Gomeldon by Barclay Phillips

We have just made a planning submission for a scheme in West Gomeldon. The proposal is to build 2no. family homes on a sloping site and to form a drop-off car park for the local primary school.

The site is accessed from the existing site entrance and will have a shared access opening into a communal space leading to each dwelling. When viewed from the road the new dwellings take on the appearance of chalet style houses and have been located within the site to respond to the fall of the land to the south. Plot 2 takes advantage of the change in levels through the incorporation of a Lower Ground Floor, invisible from the road, which contains a large study space, snug and the Kitchen/Dining space which opens out onto the garden. Aesthetically the exteriors of the dwellings have been designed to have a contemporary take on a more traditional chalet style house, with traditional materials and timber framed porches off-set by the contemporary glazing features to the rear. By forming bedroom spaces within the roof, the massing and ridge heights of the dwellings have been able to be kept minimum, reducing the visual impact.

The east of the site has been divided off to be used as a drop off car park for the local primary school. Parking around the school is a big issues in Gomeldon, with many parents feeling that the current situation is very unsafe. The inclusion of a parking area in the proposal aims to help improve the local infrastructure of the Gomeldons, increase road safety and improve congestion at peak school times. Gomeldon Primary School has issued a letter of support to accompany our application, along with statements from local residents.

We hope this proposal results in a positive planning outcome to enable improvements in the area for the local community.

Planning Submission - Whynot Lane by Barclay Phillips

We are excited to announce the submission of a planning application for a new dwelling on an area of land located off Whynot Lane in Andover.

The proposal is for a 4 bedroom family home on a large plot between the rear gardens of 2-6 Whynot Lane and the Andover Station car park. The site is currently surplus amenity land and has its own its own access track from Whynot Lane. Contemporary in style, the house has been designed to respond to the surrounding properties and minimise overlooking. Placed almost centrally in the plot, large interface distances from the front and rear of the dwelling have been achieved as well as the formation of large front and rear gardens. Low eaves to the front of the dwelling, teamed with an asymmetrical roof help reduce the massing of the building whilst also maximising usable space at first floor. 

We are hoping for a positive planning result and seeing this project move forward!

No. 82 Britford Lane - Planning Submission by Barclay Phillips

We are excited to be working on another site along Britford Lane which has recently been submitted for planning! 

Adjacent to the Britford Lane Nursery we gained planning permission for earlier this year, this new site is a proposal for 2no. detached chalet bungalows to the rear of No. 82 Britford Lane. Set within the mature rear garden of the existing house, we were careful to sensitively form designs that responded to the surrounding area. Overlooking to neighboring properties has been minimised through the use of a chalet bungalow design, with bedrooms located in the roof space and dormer windows located only on the front elevations, looking towards the Britford Lane Nursery site. Access to the new dwellings is proposed to come off the new access road for the Nursery, helping to minimise impact on Britford Lane

We feel this is could be a really interesting proposal and are hoping for a positive planning result.

Ellengowan, West Dean by Colin Tomsett

We have recently submitted a planning application to Wiltshire Council for alterations and additions to Ellengowan.

The proposals seek to provide a good quality family home but within the existing footprint of the bungalow along with a new detached garage. The existing prefabricated garage will be demolished and a new double detached garage with storage space in the roof will be constructed, the garage will be rendered with feature timber cladding and a pitched slate roof with dormers. It is proposed to remodel the internal layout of the existing bungalow to provide accommodation more suited to a growing family and today’s lifestyle, the roof will be raised over the left hand portion of the dwelling to allow for the creation of rooms within the roof space, the section to the right will remain single storey to reflect the neighbouring property. The property will be rendered at ground floor level with feature timber cladding; the roof will consist of pitched slate and standing seam zinc. 

Whynot Lane, Andover by Colin Tomsett

The recent planning submission is for the construction of 2 no 1 ½ storey detached dwellings with on site parking, served by the existing vehicular access from Whynot Lane.

The scheme has been sensitively designed with careful consideration to avoid overlooking and tree impact, along with minimising noise from the adjacent train line on the new dwellings.


Brackenwood, Ampfield by Colin Tomsett

We have recently submitted a planning application to Test Valley Borough Council  for 9 new dwellings.

The proposal is to create a high quality development consisting of 9 premium dwellings that respond sympathetically to the site and the existing dwelling which is to be retained. The scale and form of the proposed dwellings will seek to respond to nearby properties to be in keeping with the area. A range of house types will allow for a balanced community, adding variety and character to the scheme.

Britford Lane, Salisbury by Colin Tomsett

We have recently submitted a planning application for 11 dwellings in Salisbury.

Formerly used as a plant nursery, the proposal at Britford Lane in Salisbury transforms the site from a tired commercial complex into a premium residential development. Comprising of 11 dwellings, two housing types have been designed incorporating a high quality design language unifying the site. A mixture of natural timber cladding and sharp brick work adds a modern edge to the traditional style housing. Strong brick gables relate to the local vernacular and bring a continuity to the proposal.

The creation of six, three bedroom, semi-detached dwellings along Milton Road bridges the gap in the street scene formed by the nursery and reinforces the street edge, enhancing the appearance of the area. Accessed from Britford Lane five, four bedroom, detached dwellings surround a central shared space, forming an attractive naturally surveilled public area. The house design for each dwelling incorporates double height spaces, large sliding doors and rooflights, helping to maximise natural daylight and create a variety of spaces ideal for modern family living.

The Old Brewery, Salisbury by Colin Tomsett

We have recently submitted a planning application for to restore and convert The Old Brewery in Salisbury. 

The Old Brewery is a former pub and music venue located off Milford Street in Salisbury. The current site has a collection of buildings around a courtyard space and is surrounded by other buildings on the east, west and north edges. Ranging in quality and age with a larger barn structure to the north of the plot, the majority of the buildings on the site are listed. Our heritage consultant has provided a thorough review of the history of
the site and identified how the uses have evolved over the years. This has heavily informed our proposals as we look to develop the use on the site and prolong the lifespan of the buildings.

The main aim for this project is to revive the use of the Old Brewery, yet maintain, respect and restore the listed and historical buildings that are present. The site will be remodelled to cater for mixed residential dwelling: one, two, and three bedrooms. This will be accompanied by two retail spaces that will engage the site with the already active street front. This connection will be enhanced by the opening of the main entrance through the site to the outdoor courtyard. All of this will be achieved while conserving the highly important listed buildings and enhancing the valuable history of the site.

The Old Brewery