Planning Approval for 82 Britford Lane! / by Barclay Phillips

We are delighted to announce that we have been granted planning permission for our project for 2no. detached chalet bungalows to the rear of No.82 Britford Lane. The planning application was taken to committee last night, and after some discussion the application was approved!

The site is adjacent to the Britford Lane Nursery site that we gained planning permission for earlier this year, this new site is a proposal for 2no. detached chalet bungalows to the rear of No. 82 Britford Lane. Set within the mature rear garden of the existing house, we were careful to sensitively form designs that responded to the surrounding area. Overlooking to neighbouring properties has been minimised through the use of a chalet bungalow design, with bedrooms located in the roof space and dormer windows located only on the front elevations, looking towards the Britford Lane Nursery site. Access to the new dwellings is proposed to come off the new access road for the Nursery, helping to minimise impact on Britford Lane.

We are really pleased with this outcome and can't wait to see this project start on site!