Proposed Apartments - 30 Marine Parade East, Lee-on-Solent / by Colin Tomsett

We have recently submitted a planning application for the construction of 7 high quality residential apartments.

The proposal has been designed as one unit but the mass of the building has been split vertically on the front elevation through the use of projecting element and balconies on the front façade.

Either side of this projection the building is set back with reference to the adjacent buildings. Comprising of 4 storeys the proposal is in keeping with similar developments in the area with the pitch of the roof a dominant feature, broken by two gables and a small area of flat roof. By keeping the roof as low as possible the development appears much smaller than the adjacent 5 storey apartment block and does not appear too overbearing towards the adjacent detached dwelling due to the low eaves. The proposal is narrower than the existing dwelling which has helped create more distance between the adjacent buildings and reduce the visual mass.

The proportions of the windows and balconies on the front façade, alongside the style of the pitched roof, reflect the character and detailing that can be seen existing on the majority of properties along Marine Parade East.