Faulston Barns

Dating back to the mid 19th century, Faultson Barns is a ‘U’ shaped brick and flint structure with a slate roof that could be described as a non-designated heritage asset. Located on the northern edge of Cranborne Chase it had been unused for many years, the structure was unsafe, and the building as a whole was at risk. 

Planning permission was granted in 2014 to restore the Barns and create 6 dwellings within the existing structure. The proposals were designed to be sensitive to the existing barn and to retain important architectural features. Minimal new openings were proposed, and where they have been created they have been designed to be in proportion, scale and rhythm with the existing. The detached outbuilding within the courtyard has been retained to be used a communal garden store for the dwellings.

Each dwelling has integrated garaging, open plan living spaces and double height entrance spaces. The 4 dwellings formed in the main body of the barn each have 4 bedrooms, with the 2 dwellings in the two arms of the ‘U’ having 3 bedrooms. A landscape masterplan allows the dwellings to retain a connection to the wider context of the site,  the ANOB and local listed buildings at Faulston Manor, with a mixture of private gardens and communal space proposed.

The site is complete with the majority of units with now family homes with new residents.


CLIENT: Derek Warwick Developments

IMAGES: Infinite 3D