Charlton Park Crematorium

Our project at Charlton Park is for a new contemporary crematorium on a site just outside of Andover. This new crematorium enables our clients to provide a new level of choice and customer service, both to local residents seeking a traditional cremation service and to those families choosing an unattended cremation.

An existing planning approval was granted on the site for a traditional crematorium approximately 15 years ago though the approved scheme was never constructed. We were asked to design a new contemporary proposal to suit our clients needs.

Sited in a woodland setting our proposal aims to create a tranquil place for visitors to remember and celebrate their loved ones, whilst ensuring an efficient layout for our clients and their day-to-day running of the business. A covered entrance brings visitors into a light filled waiting area and reception, with glass doors opposite the entrance leading into the double height chapel at the centre of the building. Glazing to one side of the chapel looks into an open courtyard, with a covered garden of reflection located upon exit of the chapel. Further landscaping of the whole site allows for a number of secluded memorial gardens, adding to the peaceful setting.

Planning was approved in early 2018, and the proposal is currently under construction, with the chapel to open in Spring 2019.

CLIENT: Pure Cremation

CONTRACTOR: Amiri Construction


LANDSCAPE: Indigo Landscape

M&E: Accolade Building Services